About Us 


As a global leading comprehensive monitoring manufacturer, ZNV (the former monitoring product line of ZTE) has provided services for guaranteeing the healthy operation of communication networks since 1995 and been independently operating since 2005. Headquarteredin Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, ZNV has R&D centers in Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou. Our marketing service network covers 31 provinces in China and over 70 countries and regions at abroad, providing high-quality products and services for global customers.

ZNV has three main lines of business, Power&Environment supervision, video surveillance, and service business. As a technology-based enterprise with a full range of self-developed P&E supervision and video surveillance products, we have years of technological experience in collection, processing and application of data and video. We have provided leading products such as full range of cameras, sensors, video codec, P&E supervision units, and management software, and taken the lead in introducing ICT into the research and development of monitoring products, which has significantly improved product service capability and extended the room for development. The widely used E_Guard USMS and ViewEye centralized video surveillance system apply cloud computing and big data technologies, have powerful media processing and data analysis and management functions, and have become the cornerstone of construction of Smart City. Till now, ZNV has thoroughly customized more than 20 integrated monitoring solutions for industrial customers in the telecommunication, government, electric power sector, transportation, education, and other sectors, and continues to provide safety guarantee for customers in over 70 countries and regions around the world. P&E supervision products and services have been enjoying the largest market share consecutively over the years, and video surveillance products and services are applied in more than 30 countries all over the world. We have successfully implemented many major projects in China and around the world, such as Smart Yinchuan, Safe Wuhan, Safe Qingdao, Uruguay National Safety Net, Guatemalan National Safety Net, and the President Office of Equatorial Guinea. In addition, we have successfully entered high-end markets in Europe and America through the large-scale application of HD IP cameras in the Smart City project in Marseille, France.


ZNV attaches great importance to product development and innovation, and has carried out wide technological cooperation with famous universities and institutions like Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. ZNV has been appraised and elected as a state-level high-tech enterprise, acquired more than 200 patents and software copyrights, participated in the formulation of more than 60 national and industrial standards in the monitoring field, and been awarded national prizes for over 10 key technologies and products. ZNV took the lead in launching the global first H.265 HD IP camera that utilizes the next generation of encoding and compression technology in September 2014. In the intense competition among over 300 global security products, 7200-series H.265 HD IP Camera has been widely acclaimed by security experts by virtue of its efficient encoding and compression and ultra-low-illumination video surveillance effect, and won the Innovative Product Special Award during Security China. ZNV was the first to propose the product concept of “unified monitoring” to integrate security into communication and IT, which has led to the rapid development of security technologies and applications. The subsequent cloud computing and big data and the “iCAP” platform that takes six intelligent engines as its core have boosted the monitoring system to go through a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change and become an important force in Smart City construction. 


Through long-term practice in the market at home and abroad, ZNV has made significant achievement that has been widely acknowledged in the industry. ZNV has been consecutively granted a number of awards for years, such as China Top 10 Most Influential Security Brands, China Top 10 National Security Brands, Top 10 Leading Security Enterprises in China, Global Security Contribution Award, Brand Recommended for Safe City Construction, and Brand Recommended for Smart City Construction. We are building a brand with continuously upgrading values while actively participating in industrial and social events to make positive contribution to healthy industrial development and social safety.

With the vision of “creating safe and energy-efficient working systems for customers”, we are committed to creating values through innovation and building safe and smart, green and intelligent, and energy-efficient mechanism for customers.