About Us 

        Shenzhen ZNV Technology Co., Ltd. (ZNV for short) is a leading provider of AIoT products and solutions. It is committed to the innovation of AIoT technology and the implementation and application of "AIoT+ industry". As a "State-level High-tech Enterprise", the Company has more than 20 years of R&D and management experience, owns more than 300 patents and software copyrights and nearly 1,000 employees. Based on its AIoT technological capabilities in the ubiquitous data connectivity, ubiquitous data fusion and enabling and network-wide intelligence, ZNV provides competitive products and solutions to more than 70 countries and regions in the world by constantly applying AIoT into the fields of public security, smart city and telecommunication industries.

Innovation Pioneer and Mainstream Integrator in the Public Security Industry

        ZNV is an innovation pioneer in the public security industry. Based on the technological accumulation in the fields of video, Internet of Things, and big data,  and by the way of its deep integration with artificial intelligence technology, ZNV has launched products and solutions such as face recognition big data system, psychological and emotional recognition system, and smart case handling. By introducing and optimizing the face data processing mechanism based on big data technology, the Company has become a mainstream manufacturer in the field of face recognition by means of improving the search capability for massive face data to the order of second-level retrieval of 100 million data. By combining with video, machine vision and deep learning technologies, the Company has launched artificial intelligence products with integrated physiological, psychological and emotional identification, and has established the "AI Emotional Big Data Joint Lab" with Nanjing Forest Police College to help the public security department build an efficient and smart intelligence research and judgment system. The "Smart Case Handling" solution, which is for intensifying the police by technology, has been launched based on the AIoT technology. It integrates face recognition big data system, psychological and emotional recognition system, 4G portable position recognition system, and integrated reality visual interactive system, which has significantly enhanced the intelligent level and efficiency in case handling. The Company’s artificial intelligence security products and solutions have been deployed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other places, and have won "2018 China • AI Industry Annual Innovation Enterprise", "AI+Security" Best Product Grow Award", "Excellent AI Application Award", "Innovation Product Excellence Award" and other honors.

        Based on business innovation in the field of public security, the clustering technology launched by the company can effectively support the complex system functions such as “One file for each person”, speed search, and super-large library collision in the public security industry. Through the high-precision face clustering model, data collision of 100-million-level super large pedestrian library can be realized. Pedestrian Re-Identification (ReID) technology can search for specific pedestrians in videos across cameras, which features high application value in the scenarios such as public security criminal investigation and image retrieval. In addition, it has helped the Company obtain the second place in the "large-scale pedestrian retrieval (LSPR)" in the recent “1st Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (PRCV2018)".

        As a mainstream integrator in the public security industry, the Company owns Computer Information System Integration and Service Qualification (Level-1) and Certificate of Design, Construction and Maintenance Capability for Security Project Enterprise (Level-1) and has set up a professional team of project delivery and operation and maintenance. ZNV has provided safe city and "Xueliang" project solutions for more than 200 cities at home and abroad. In addition, the Company has won a number of honors, including "2018 a&s Top 10 Security Brands in China", "2018 Top 10 Smart Security Brand Awards", and "Xueliang Project Excellent Solution".

Practitioner of New Smart City Solution and Leader of Community Intelligent Management

        ZNV is a practitioner of new smart city solutions, dedicated to providing customers with full range of services from top-level design to construction implementation and operation & maintenance. The Company owns a smart city research institute, which hires Zhou Chenghu, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, as the honorary president, and has the top-level design capabilities of smart cities. Established strategic cooperation with the State Information Center Internet + Industry Promotion Center, Shenzhen University Smart City Research Institute (led by Academician Guo Renzhong) and the National Smart City Standardization TEEG (General Technology Team), the Company is a member unit of "Consultation on 2035 Development Strategy of China's New Smart City Construction Project Technology" of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Xu Ming, president of the Company, is the main practitioner and promoter of the “One Picture, One Network, One Cloud” architecture of smart cities. As the deputy editor of “China Smart City Planning and Construction”, Xu Ming has won the title of “China's Smart City Leader” for consecutive years. As the governing unit of the National Smart City Standardization TEEG, the Company led the "Smart Community" standard research topic of the ten topics in 2018 of TEEG, and participated in the research on the two standard topics of “IoT City” and “Urban Enabling Technology”. The Company's smart city solution has successfully applied in more than 20 cities, and the Smart Yinchuan Project which the Company has participated in has been praised by the Prime Minister and has become the benchmark for smart city construction.

        As the leader of community intelligent management, the Company, working together with Shanghai Pudong New Area, have created the "Community Intelligent Management 2.0" solution centered around public security, public management, and public services, to realize the scientific, refined and intelligent community management in Pudong New Area, which have greatly improved the city's quality brand from four dimensions:"perception ubiquity", "multidimensional research and judgment”, “flat management", and "fast disposal". According to CCTV news, on November 6, 2018, President Xi Jinping had an investigation visit to the Pudong New Area Urban Operation Integrated Management Center, in which he affirmed the fine urban management in Shanghai and pointed out that “Urban management should be as elaborate as embroidery" and "First-class cities should have first-class governance.

        With the technological innovation and case practice in the smart city field over the past ten years, the Company has won the "Brand Recommended for Smart City Construction", "Excellent Solution for Smart Community Construction", "China Smart City Innovation Application Gold Award", "China Smart City Top 100 Best App Scene Awards" and other awards.

A Leader in P&E Supervision and Intelligent Fusion Management

        ZNV has been deeply involved in the telecommunication industry for 23 years, mainly providing customers with intelligent sensing terminals, edge intelligent units, and Power and Environment (P&E) Supervision and Intelligent Fusion Management Solution. The market share of P&E smart gateway provided by the Company for China Railway Tower exceeds 25%, and that of the P&E Supervision Management Platform provided for the three major telecom operators exceeds 30%. Based on a deep understanding of the industry, the Company's IoT and P&E supervision intelligent management solutions integrate multiple technologies, including intelligent hardware, edge computing, artificial intelligence, big data computing, to realize the intelligent and IoT upgrading of the integrated infrastructure management in the telecommunications industry, which thus provides intelligent operation and maintenance services such as intelligent integration management, energy consumption experts, and alarm experts. The Company has won the "2017-2018 Recommended Data Center Products", "CDCC Data Center Science Award", and “IoT Innovation Application Products" and other awards.

        In terms of ecological construction, the Company has been adhering to the strategy of joint innovation and ecological win-win, and has successively developed strategic cooperation with several well-known institutions and organizations such as the State Information Center Internet + Industry Promotion Center, Shenzhen University Smart City Research Institute, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), Zhongshan University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Public Security Research Institute, China LoRa Application Alliance (CLAA), China Geographic Information Industry Association, and Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. Through joint research and project cooperation, we have jointly promoted the application of technologies such as AIOT, GIS and Big Data in public security, smart cities and telecommunications.

        Unity between knowing and practicing, and be striving and innovative. ZNV will continue to, by focusing on the core needs of customers, deeply engage in the public security, smart cities and AIOps industries, adhere to the strategy of joint innovation and ecological win-win to strengthen the Company's leading position in the field of AIoT technology, and thus fulfill the corporate mission of "Safer World, Better Life".