Compliance Statement 

A successful corporation should be operated by moral and legal forms. ZNV wins the market by innovative products, high quality and reasonable prize, rather than offering improper benefits. Therefore, any employees and partners should not provide, admit, authorized money or any other items of value directly or indirectly, which may have bad influence on company image or obtain improper benefit. The above requirement also applies to private enterprise in business transactions.

A “government official” is defined broadly and includes: any officer or employee of a government or other public institution, sector, legal entity, including any person engaged in state-owned enterprise and international organization. “government official” also including any political candidate, political officer and political employees.

Meanwhile, the employees should not lure, require, receive or obtain improper benefit by the advantage of work.

The gift is appropriate under legitimate and generally accepted local law and custom, as well as the gift that only bear symbolic value or the reasonable catering and entertainment.

If you find employees or partners have any improper behavior or you have any suggestions for ZNV’s compliance affair, you can tell us. The company will do the investigation and feedback for all complaints and suggestions. If necessary, the company will make remedial action. All documents shall be confidential within the bounds of the law.

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