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ZNV Releases 51-series 150m HD IR IP Speed Domes

Recently ZNV updates its “owl” series ---- 51-series HD IR IP speed domes. The new series have unique state-of-art IR sync zooming and intelligent IR dimming technologies, present excellent night videos, and extend effective lighting distance from 100 meters to 150 meters.

ZNV 51-series  IR IP Speed Domes

150m lighting distance, better night vision

These updated 51-series IR speed domes extend lighting distance to 150 meters, expanding night surveilance range and minimizing surveillance blind zones. This represents a high level of ZNV R&D ability. The dome uses only 4 LEDs rather than 10 LEDs that the counterparts on market use; it’s much more energy saving.

IR sync zooming avoids flashlight effect

The new domes take unique technologies to synchronize IR LEDs and lens zooming; lens focal length and FOV determine the lighting distance and angle of IR LEDs; surveillance images are under more balanced lighting; there is neither flashlight effect because IR lighting angle is smaller than FOV, nor low light images due to scattering lighting when IR lighting angle is larger than FOV. The IR sync zooming technology improves night video quality and IR LED efficiency.

Intelligent IR dimming avoids over exposure

The 51 series use self-developed intelligent dimming algorithm; IR LED lighting efficiency is automatically and constantly regulated according to the image brightness, so reflected objects or close-up objects won’t get over-exposed. Besides, this technology saves electricity and reduces OPEX for users.

Zhong Zeming, General Manager of ZNV Terminal Product, says, “51 series domes satisfy users’ most basic demands. Their infrared features can solve night surveillance problems like partial over-exposure or under-exposure, and short lighting distance. We design windshield wipers for these new domes, so it won’t be a trouble to maintain them in the high-air; they have 30° large elevation to monitor a larger range; moreover, they have 3D positioning function to fast locate the target, and have ROI smart coding function to get HD surveillance of important regions over low bandwidth. We are always concerned about what users need, and believe details determine everything; we’d like to improve the overal quality of products.”

Now ZNV launches 4 models with 150-meter IR lighting performance: 720P HD 20X IR IP speed dome (ZHIE-5120), 720P HD 30X IR IP speed dome (ZHIE-5130), 1080P HD 20X IR IP speed dome (ZHIF-5120), and 1080P HD 30X IR IP speed dome (ZHIF-5130).