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ZNV Showcases Industry Plansat Securex’s 2016 Security Exhibition!

Recently, Securex’s security exhibition in Johannesburg, South Africa held its annual grand opening in the Gallagher Convention Center. The exhibition is not only Africa’s largest security exhibition, but the exchange also attracts many customers from all over the world. This was the fourth time in which ZNVwas invited to participate in this exhibition and the first time in which ZNV used its brand new company logo overseas.



ZNV’s Vibrant Technology Booth


During the exhibition, ZNV demonstrated its ability in integrating and creating solutions for Smart Parks, power monitoring systems, smart data and safe cities. ZNV’s booth was greatly appreciated by the visiting customers; the booth hosted thousands of customers, including a large number of security system companies and key local customers.



ZNV’s Booth Attracted a Vast Audience


South Africa’s largest mobile carrier, Vodacom, visited ZNV’s booth and displayed great interest in ZNV’s data center management systems (known as WeKeeper) and the technology displayed. ZNV and Vodacom have agreed to follow up with further in-depth communication. As of now, ZNV has already received emails from several otherexhibition customers wishing to discuss business solutions. This confirms that ZNV’s products, plans, solutions and technology are of a high level.



Communication with Customers


In recent years, ZNV’s many significant achievements in the international market have led to nonstop customer support from overseas. ZNV has established partnerships with more than 50 national telecom operators in Asia, Africa, America and Europe in order to build Pakistan’s CMPAK power and environment monitoring system, Indonesia’s Smartfren monitoring project, Ethiopia’s ETC monitoring system and many more. Not only that, but the growth and increase of speed of ZNV’s smart city, network security and campus security resulted in the success of several important projects, such as a smarter Yin Chuan and safety for Wu Han and Qing Dao. Meanwhile, ZNV was contracted to build a smart city for Marseille, France, Guinea’s Presidential Palace, network safety for Uruguay, etc. ZNV’s products and solutions are used in more than 30 countries as they take the lead in European and American markets.



Summary of ZNV


As a global management solution provider, Shenzhen ZNV Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as ZNV) is a leading company that provides reliable products and a safer life, conservation of energy and increased efficiency.  These three aspects bring about large benefits for customers and help them establish safety and energy efficient systems. Formally known as ZTE’s Monitoring Product Line, ZNV was established in 1995 to provide service and safe network operations. However, ZNV has operated as an independent company since 2005. The headquarters is located in Shenzhen’s high-tech Science Park with several research and development centers in Shenzhen, Nanjing and Hangzhou. ZNV’s marketing network covers 31 provinces and municipalities in China and more than 70 foreign countries and regions in order to provide high quality products and service to customers worldwide.