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2MP HD 30X IP High-speed Dome Camera ZHF-5630 series
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 Accurate 3D positioning interlinks the PTZ to fast locate the target and ensures that the target does not get lost after magnification
 Driven by a precision motor, the PTZ is stable in running without jitter and noise.
 Safety steel rope prevents the camera from dropping when it is installed at a high altitude.
 The camera is highly reliable. Internal settings will not get lost in the case of power outage.
 Horizontally, the camera can rotate continuously at an angle of 360°, and vertically, it can rotate at an angle from –30° to 90°, where auto flip is enabled.
 Horizontal manual speed: 0.1~300°/s, vertical manual speed: 0.1~240°/s
 Max horizontal preset speed: 300°/s, max vertical preset speed: 280°/s
 The camera supports 256 presets, and the preset error is less than 0.1°.
 The dome camera supports eight tours, and each can be set with up to 32 presets. The retention period of a preset can be set from 0s to 600s.
 The camera supports four Pattern items, and each scan path can store 1000 commands.
 The camera supports 3D privacy mask to fully protect privacy.
 The camera can display the PTZ azimuth angle, preset title, pattern scan title, zoom multiple, time, and so on.
 The camera supports two channels of alarm input and two channels of alarm output as well as the alarm linkage function.
 The camera supports 6-digit user passwords and 10-digit superuser passwords.
 The camera supports image parameter adjustment and PTZ settings.
 The camera supports auto scenario recognition to avoid commissioning based on the scenario.
 The defogging function is applicable to haze days.
 HLC (hard light control) is applicable to road vehicle surveillance at night as it can capture comparatively clear license plate pictures when the vehicle headlights are on.
 The camera supports two-frame and three-frame WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) at no less than 120dB.
 The camera provides four streams to meet multiple usages of users.
 The camera supports various platform protocols: Onvif, GB28181, P2P, and ZNV protocols.
 The camera supports 1080p@50fps/60fps encoding.
 The camera supports picture capturing and real-time upload.
 You can set the way to display the real-time clock.
 With the action when power function, you can recover the status of the dome camera prior to power off upon power on.
 You can set 7x4 timing tasks, which are actions of the dome camera at specific time.
 With the action when idle function, you can specify actions of the dome camera at idle time on the interface.
 Surveillance of temperature inside the dome camera dynamically controls fan running, featuring smart cooling and heating.
 The camera is surge and lightning preventive.
 The protection grade reaches IP67.

Indoor and outdoor scenarios requiring large-scope day and night surveillance: rivers, forests, frontier stations, roads, airports, hospitals, bazaars, subways, banks, stations, ports, oil fields, plazas, parks, scenic spots, schools, blocks, casinos, prisons, upscale residences, large stadiums, and large warehouses.




 ZHF-5630-EN1T (outdoor, AC24V±20% power supply), ZHF-5630-FN2T (indoor, AC24V±20% power supply or POE)









1/3” Progressive Scan CMOS

Signal System


Horizontal Resolution

Color: 1050TVL, BW: 1100TVL


ICR day/night


Two-frame and three-frame WDR (HDR), digital WDR

Optical Zoom


Focal Length


F Value

F1.6~F5.0 (wide-narrow)

Horizontal View Angle

58.9º~2.11º (wide-narrow)

Minimum Illumination

Color:0.01Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON); BW: 0.005Lux @(F1.6, AGC ON)

Digital Zoom

8X supported



Shutter Speed


Digital Slow Shutter


Iris Control


Gain Control


S/N Ratio




White Balance

Auto, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Sodium, Manual

Privacy Mask




Freeze Mode


Zoom Speed

4s from focus near to focus far

Supported Protocol

Onvif, GB28181, P2P protocol, ZNV protocol

Frame Rate

50Hz: 1080p@50fps, 1080p@25fps, 960p@25fps, 720p@50fps, 720p@25fps

60Hz: 1080p@60fps, 1080p@30fps, 960p@30fps, 720p@60fps, 720p@30fps



3D Positioning


Pan Rotation

360° continuous rotation without fade zones, manual speed 0.1~300°/s, highest preset speed 300°/s (precision 0.1°)

Tilt Rotation

Angle: –3° to +90°, manual speed 0.1~240°/s, highest preset speed 280°/s (precision 0.1°)

Auto Flip

Auto flip horizontally by 180° at the position of 90° vertically

Proportional Pan


Init Pos



256 presets


Eight, with each added with 32 presets

Horizontal Scan


Vertical Scan


Pattern Scan

Four, with each recording 1000 commands

Timing Task

7x4, with each set with tour, auto scan, pattern scan, or preset

Extra Low Code Rate


Default Position

Preset tour/horizontal scan/vertical scan/pattern scan/preset/panorama scan

Temperature Control

Detects the internal temperature in real time and controls the fan for heating or cooling dynamically.


Calendar and time settable

Info Display

Multiple items can be displayed: the azimuth angle, preset title, pattern scan title, horizontal scan, vertical scan title, zoom multiple, date and time.

Alarm Linkage

Preset tour/pattern scan/preset

Control Priority

In descending priority: alarm linkage > user operation > timing task > action when power > action when idle



Video Output

Female BNC connector, 1.0±0.2VP-P (75 ohms, composite video signal)

Alarm Input

Two channels of alarm input, lightning protection grade 2000V

Alarm Output

Two channels of alarm output, lightning protection grade 2000V

Power Supply

AC24V±20%, lightning protection grade in common mode 6000V, in differential mode 3000V

Audio Input

One channel, lightning protection grade 2000V

Audio Output

One channel, lightning protection grade 2000V

Network Port

Waterproof connector, PoE, lightning protection grade 6000V

Overall ESD Grade

Contact discharge 7000V, air-gap discharge 9000V



Menu Settings

Chinese and English

Mounting Method

Wall mounting, suspension mounting, wall corner mounting, pole mounting, or counterfort mounting, with additional accessories required for wall corner/pole/counterfort mounting

Environment Temperature


Environment Humidity


Maximum Power

≤13W + 25W(heater)

Power Supply

AC24V±20% (both indoor and outdoor models)

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Yes (indoor model)


About 4kg

Dimensions (unit: mm)

Φ225×299.2 (mm)

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